Christmas Time!

New Christmas jumpers in! Come down and check out our lovely new Crimbo jumpers!

Reindeer! Snowflakes! Ski-ers!

Plus all new stocking fillers for all the family!

Welcome! Willkommen! Bienvenue! Benvenuto!

Hobo's Swansea welcomes all new and old students alike!

Just to let you guys know, we do a 10% student discount on production of a valid student card!

Wowsers! What a saving!

Summer's on it's way!

Hi guys,

Loads of new vintage wear in for guys and girls!

Come and check out our range of sassy vintage mini-dresses, and retro sportswear for the lads!


Just to let you know that we have loads of fun christmas gifts for you all in store right now!

We have a range of lovely retro gifts including :-



Games compendiums

Tin robots and cars

and lots of christmas cards and wrap to let your loved ones know how much you love them!

We also have a new range of christmas jumpers and sweaters! Wowsers, your gonna look so cool on Christmas day!

Merry Christmas everyone!

New stock just in! 21/10/09


It's getting cold y'all!

Come and check out our new range of coats.

Gents P-coats and duffles

and biker jackets for the ladies!

Also in -

New checked western shirts

New flannel shirts

New puffball skirts

New flannel dresses

bowling shoes

boat shoes

and loads of new cards and wrap!

Take it easy!

Hello new students!!!

A big hello to all the new students of Swansea city! Come and see us at the freshers fayre tomorrow and thursday!

Don't forget Hobos does a 10% student discount!

Come and see our new stock today!


Hello there! Welcome to the new digital home of Hobo's vintage clothing Swansea! A bit late, we know, but being stuck in the seventies, these modern contraptions and thingamijigs tend to fall by the way-side!

Anyway, over the following months, we'll be keeping you up to date with new lines, special offers, and exciting events.

So remember to check back frequently to get your funky fill of Hobo's goodness!