Hello there! Welcome to the new digital home of Hobo's vintage clothing Swansea! A bit late, we know, but being stuck in the seventies, these modern contraptions and thingamijigs tend to fall by the way-side!

Anyway, over the following months, we'll be keeping you up to date with new lines, special offers, and exciting events.

So remember to check back frequently to get your funky fill of Hobo's goodness!


Hello there!

These just in :-

Pop skinny jeans in black and denim

Pop gents button down shirts

Pop ladies queenie tops

and a whole new range of vintage summer dresses...

photos up soon!

Keep on keepin' on!

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Hobo's is not just a retro shop, oh no! We also stock gifts for all the family, as well as some you wouldn't like your gran to see!

Apart from our range of Lomo cameras, we stock some rather cool looking 50s style house phones from WILD & WOLF, vintage style leather sports bags, funky make-up accessories for the ladies, alternative greetings cards, gift wrap and much, much more!

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